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I couldn’t have asked for a more personal “made just for me” class. Every session was moving and brought strong revelations about my issues in a quick, clear, and understandable way. My classmates were all wonderful, strong, compassionate ladies, who I would trust my life to. Ginger, in and of herself, is the best teacher I have ever had the experience of knowing. Her loving kindness was an example and experience of who I want to be. Her horses were completely perfect to learn, work, laugh, and cry with. It just doesn’t get any better and this for me.”

~ Mary Jo, Bellingham, WA

Ginger has a unique ability to use the horse as a metaphor for relationship. Her program provides a safe mirror of exploration for her clients to explore themselves and their relationship with others, (horse and human). Through question and experiential learning, Ginger opens new doors of awareness and assists her clients in new discoveries about self.”

~ Lee Ann Gibbs, Coach and Consultant, Learning Community Resources

“Just this morning I had an amazing phone coaching session from Ginger. She helped me make a complete turn-around, from being angry at my partner for “making me” feel the way I felt… to realizing where my feelings were really coming from, releasing them, and experiencing a flood of love and gratitude for my partner. Ginger got me on the path of strengthening my relationships instead of my old pattern of sabotaging them. I honestly don’t know where I would be without the wise, loving, and confident guidance I receive from Ginger.”

~ Chris, Bellingham, WA

“I was traumatized by the experience of being thrown off a galloping horse. After this course, I have a lot of understanding of what horses need, how to communicate with them, and pay attention to what they are showing me. I went from fear of horses to an understanding, comfort, and joy of being with the horses.”

~ Lori, Bellingham, WA

“There were those days I sat and cried in the field, unsure I would ever get what it means to be a leader; wondering if I should give up. Oh, but the way Ginger is with me…kind, sensitive, wise, challenging – we have traveled so far together, the horses, Ginger and me. Calling Ginger was the beginning of the fulfillment of a lifetime dream of being in relationship with horses…I came out to the farm knowing nothing except that I was both drawn to and afraid of the horses. In the beginning, each week, Ginger would make suggestions of what I could do to gain experience and confidence. I had no idea I would learn so much about myself in the process… Each [horse] has a different gift to offer, a different part of me to challenge.”

~ InterPlay Learning Partner, Seattle, WA