Conversation works mostly with the levels of the psyche that we are consciously aware of, and it’s a wonderful way to expand awareness, increase understanding, and make new meaning from our thoughts, feelings and experiences. Many challenges can be overcome through conversation and it’s usually the best place to start.

However, there are some situations in our lives that require a different approach. Sometimes we feel like we’ve been talking about the same issue for years and it’s hasn’t changed, or the same pattern keeps coming up over and over again. Sometimes we just feel “stuck” without an explanation. Maybe we’ve tried so many things to overcome a particular issue that we feel exhausted, burned-out and on the verge of giving up.

There are deeper, unconscious levels of the psyche that often contain the source of these elusive challenges and they require very different tools to access them. I’ve developed an intuitive integration approach that accesses these unconscious places within us and can get to the root of the painful patterns that don’t seem to have a solution. My approach is influenced by several theories and approaches including Transpersonal Psychology, Humanistic Psychology, Psychosynthesis, and Hypnotherapy.

Highly Sensitive People tend to be more in touch with and affected by our deep inner lives and, as a result, the unresolved wounds within the unconscious mind can cause more day to day challenges than they would for non-HSP’s. This ability to be so connected to ourselves makes the sensitive person a wonderful candidate for this deeper healing work. It is often a relief to know our experience of our inner world is real and that our sensitivity to that inner world can be the key to healing the pain in our lives.

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