Empaths and Highly Sensitive People can benefit greatly from a trusting and confidential relationship with a therapist. In fact, Dr. Elaine Aron explains that, because we are highly intuitive and self-aware by nature, we can actually benefit even more from therapy than non-HSP’s, that is when our needs are met in the therapeutic relationship. I make a special effort to create a relationship based on trust and emotional safety from the very first phone conversation.

I understand the importance of a therapeutic environment that is calming and non-stimulating; allowing the brain and nervous system to fully relax and become available to learn and grow. My office is nestled in a beautiful wooded landscape in the foothills of Mt. Baker. Surrounded by giant cedar trees, trickling mountain streams, and grazing horses, it’s a quiet and healing retreat for your sensitive soul.

If any new environment feels like too much for you, or you live at a distance and can’t make the trip, you can do some or all of your sessions with me over the phone from the comfort of your own home.

Our work together may include:

  • Learning to understand your trait and the unique ways it manifests in your life
  • Accepting and celebrating your sensitivity instead of fighting it
  • Learning the skills to care for your sensitive nervous system
  • Reducing the amount of overwhelming stimulation you experience
  • Learning to identify and meet your needs and set healthy boundaries
  • Exploring and healing the deeper wounds you may have sustained as a result of your sensitivity and life experience
  • Accessing your sensitive gifts and learning to express them in the world
  • Addressing anything else in your life that you’re interested in working through

Are you wondering if you might be highly sensitive?

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