This is how we REACH…

The 5 practices that enrich our learning community

1. Relationships First

Life is all about relationships. They are central to how we learn, and building trusting and reciprocal relationships takes time and attention. We are committed to taking the time it takes to build our community, one relationship at a time, and adjust to the changing needs of our members and horses as they learn and grow. In this way, we develop the skills and confidence necessary to build healthy relationships and connected communities in every area of our lives.

2. Equality

Equality gives us the freedom to be ourselves. It acknowledges and values everyone’s unique wisdom and strengths  and fosters connection, empowerment, and self-expression. Stepping out of the roles we play, and allowing the authentic self to become visible is essential to everyone’s growth and learning. We hold the roles of teacher, student, leader, and follower as fluid, flexible, and interchangeable in each moment. In this way, we see all members, horse and human, as learning partners and as equals.

3. Authentic Self-Expression

Expressing ourselves authentically is central to how we understand leadership. Horses ask us for authenticity in our relationships with them. In response, we must always ask ourselves, both as individuals, and as a community, “who are we becoming?” and “how can we express ourselves?” Leaders do not seek to lead, but constantly strive to be more of who they are each and every day. It is this authentic way of living that inspires others to follow. In this way, we lead by BEing fully ourselves.

4. Constant Evolution

The one constant in life is change. We’re here to learn and grow, and this requires us to welcome and embrace the changes required to deepen our relationships with our horses, ourselves, and our community. We’re learning to embody “beginner’s mind,” to be flexible, adaptable, unattached to what we think we know, and open to being transformed by what we’re learning. In this way, we’re willing to let go of who we are, in order to embrace who we’re becoming.

5. Horsemanship is HOW we learn

When we practice horsemanship, we practice the essentials of life. The horse is an embodiment of nature and is tuned to the natural laws we all must follow to stay healthy, happy, and connected to ourselves and one another. Every success and challenge we encounter, as we strive to build a relationship with a horse, has a mirror in our human lives. In this way, we’re practicing life and leadership through horsemanship.