About Us

Hi, We’re Ginger and Mark Falcone.

We’re so glad you’re here. We honor the journey you’ve traveled to get to this page, and we know what it takes to stay on the path each and every day.

Our approach has been 16 years in the making, and it grew organically out of our personal experiences of growth and transformation. It’s our sincerest hope that what we learned can be of use to you on the next leg of your journey.

We’d like to tell you a bit about ourselves…

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Ginger Tree Falcone (She/Her/Hers)

Hi, I’m Ginger!

I’m an Intuitive Integration Practitioner, a clairvoyant intuitive, and a student of Tarot on the basis of its ancient Egyptian origin.

I hold a masters in Applied Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Systems Counseling. I practiced as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for 10 years before discovering the power of working intuitively with the unconscious mind. I specialize in using my intuitive gifts with the intention to connect with your unconscious mind and help resolve the Solution Patterns within your psyche that may be causing resistance and preventing you from doing the growth and transformation work you were meant to do in your life.

I’ve been a student of horses since I was only a year old and continue to learn and explore the art of intuitive horsemanship and Equine Facilitated Learning.

*please note

While Ginger Falcone is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) in the state of Washington, her services offered on this website are separate from and not part of her psychotherapy practice. Therefore, she will not advise, diagnose, treat, or manage mental health disorders and the services she offers through InterPlay Academy LLC are not licensed by the state of Washington. Please refer to the Disclaimer for further information.

Mark Falcone (He/Him/His)

Hi, I’m Mark!

I hold a Health Coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I provide post-Integration support coaching for those who have completed an Intuitive Integration.

I specialize in teaching the skills to address the common challenges that can surface following an Integration. My work is intended to support clients through the post-Integration process and help them learn the skills to connect with their own inner knowing to discern what changes they most need to make to restore balance in their lives. 

I love skiing, the natural world, shamanism, and meditation. I’m a naturalist and I continue to explore the world of plants and the ways they can support our health both nutritionally and medicinally.

*please note

While Mark Falcone is a certified Health Coach, his services offered on this website are not licensed by the state of Washington. Please refer to the Disclaimer for more information.