What is Intuitive Integration?

What is Intuitive Integration?

Intuitive Integration is an intuitive approach intended to resolve the unconscious resistance within your psyche that may be preventing you from following your soul’s path of growth and transformation.

Intuitive Integration is not psychotherapy. Instead, it’s considered part of the field of complementary and alternative medicine.

The psyche and the soul

The soul is the stream of consciousness that animates your being; giving it purpose and desire in alignment with your unique calling.

The psyche is made up of the whole of the conscious and unconscious personality, which is also unique to you. It’s the interface which allows you to interact on this plane of existence.

When the intention of your soul and your psyche are in alignment, you may experience a feeling of ease, taking action is effortless, and synchronicities abound. It just feels like the universe is on your side. When your soul and psyche are not in alignment, you may experience a feeling of stuckness, obstacles in your path, an unwillingness to take action, conflict in relationships, and an overall experience of opposition or struggle. This experience is a result of resistance, and there are two types of resistance that interfere with our ability to move forward.

Conscious and unconscious resistance

Conscious Resistance is the fear or trepidation we all feel when we know we need to step out of our comfort zone and face something difficult in our lives. We might experience it as procrastination or avoidance and we typically know what it is that we’re avoiding and why.

Unconscious Resistance is the resistance you’re unaware of, deep within the unconscious psyche that actually prevents your forward movement. You’ll know you’re dealing with Unconscious Resistance when you’ve been trying for years to break a habit, change a pattern, or meet a personal or professional goal and you still find yourself stuck and in a state of frustration, desperation, or despair.

The wisdom of the psyche

When we feel safe, secure, loved and in alignment with our soul, authentic self-expression is easy, the soul and the psyche coexist happily, and life is sweet and fulfilling. However, when we experience emotional distress, physical harm, or abandonment, the psyche takes over and rushes to your defense.  

This wise, loving, and creative psyche is made up of consciousness which is most simply defined as awareness, or the experience we have of our inner world. This internal experience is made up of our conscious mind (the thoughts and feeling we are aware of) and our unconscious mind (the parts of ourselves that affect us deeply but we are not aware of).

Consciousness is like water, which flows in a state of unity and oneness until it encounters an obstacle and must split into two or more streams in order to accommodate that obstacle. Consciousness responds to distress in a similar way. Unresolved distress is like an obstacle in the river of our consciousness which causes our personality to split into two or more streams. This process of splitting in response to unresolved distress is called fragmentation.

As the streams diverge, the aspects of the personality that we need in order to survive and cope with the stressful event move into the foreground of our awareness, creating our conscious personality and our identity. The vulnerable aspects of the self retreat into the unconscious mind in order to protect them from further harm (often referred to as our “shadow”). These unconscious parts remain hidden, isolated, and unresolved within the unconscious mind while continuing to perpetuate thoughts, feelings, and belief systems that influence us from beyond our awareness.

One simple example would be someone who went through difficult experiences as a child and, in order to cope with these experiences, their “tough” side came to the forefront while their “tender” side retreated into the unconscious. They may identify as a tough, resilient person, but have trouble connecting with their tender emotions or forming intimate relationships. That tender part of them still exists in their unconscious, and this creates a polarity in the psyche where the needs of the conscious aspect and the needs of the unconscious aspect feel in conflict with each other, causing unconscious resistance.

Protective “Solution Patterns”

Though fragmentation is by far the most common, it’s actually only one of several protective Solution Patterns the psyche uses to shield the vulnerable parts of us from harm. Some of the patterns I most often encounter are ancestral interference, belief constructs, and soul loss. These create unconscious resistance in the psyche that prevents us from moving forward.

Intuitive Integration is intended to resolve unconscious resistance by connecting with all of these solution patterns, understand their needs, and provide resolution.

How does Intuitive Integration work?

I (Ginger) am clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and empathic, which means I can connect remotely with the whole of your psyche and see images, feel feelings, hear messages, and sense information associated with your unconscious inner world. I’m able to connect with Divine guidance, your psyche, your soul, your guides, and your unique stream of consciousness to discern what your psyche may need at this time.

The Integration process is done remotely and is delivered in a series of three sessions. The Integration work itself is completed in a single session. I’ll connect with your psyche intuitively and, in partnership with Divine guidance, I’ll initiate an energetic process which is intended resolve the Unconscious Resistance within your psyche. The work takes 60 to 90 minutes depending on several factors. During the process, I’ll see images and receive impressions, messages, and insights about what’s occurring. I’ll take extensive notes and can provide a description of everything I experienced, if it feels helpful to you.

After Integration

Once integration has taken place, there may be a process of unfolding where the resources contained within the previously hidden aspects of the psyche naturally begin to resurface and express themselves in your daily life. Because these shifts may be happening deep within the unconscious, the expressions of these can become available in their own time. Some are noticeable very quickly and others can take more time to unfold. During the following weeks and months, the psyche may be adapting and reorganizing itself in response to the Integration. Clients may experience unfamiliar thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that may be associated with this transition, and it can be a challenging time. Clients may need additional support and a few follow-up Integration sessions to complete the process.

As time goes on clients commonly report a new and elevated perspective on life, a greater feeling of wholeness, relief from triggers and emotional activation, and a sense of being more of who they were meant to be. Over several weeks to a few months, you can experience having more and more access to the fullness of who you are and the freedom to express yourself with greater ease and authenticity.

Post-Integration Support

Everyone has different needs following Integration, and it’s common for clients to need help navigating the transition after the Integration process is complete. While some clients are able to move forward with ease, others have more difficulty adjusting to the absence of the inner dynamics they have grown accustomed to for many years.

We provide unlimited text/email support for three months following your three session Integration package. You may also schedule additional support calls “as needed.” These services are intended to help you make meaning of your experience, learn new skills, habits, and behaviors, and receive witnessing and support from someone who has been through the process.

If you feel ready to take the next step, please click here for our Discernment page.