What is Intuitive Integration?

Intuitive Integration is an intuitive approach designed to heal the deep complex trauma that is at the root of our inability to thrive and create the life we want. The process allows us to identify, connect with, heal, and restore the fragmented aspects of our personality to wholeness.

What is fragmentation?

Consciousness is most simply defined as awareness, or the experience we have of our inner world. This internal experience is made up of our conscious mind (the thoughts and feeling we are aware of) and our unconscious mind (the parts of ourselves that affect us deeply but we are not aware of).

Consciousness is like water, which flows in a state of unity and oneness until it encounters an obstacle and must split into two or more streams in order to accommodate that obstacle. Consciousness responds to trauma in a similar way. A trauma is an event, large or small, that causes distress without the ability to find resolution. This unresolved distress is like an obstacle in the river of our consciousness which causes our personality to split into two streams. This process of splitting in response to trauma is called fragmentation.

As the streams diverge, the aspects of the personality that we need in order to survive and cope with the traumatic event move into the foreground of our awareness, creating our conscious personality and our identity. The vulnerable aspects of the self retreat into the unconscious mind in order to protect them from further psychological harm (often referred to as our “shadow side”). These unconscious parts remain hidden, isolated, and unresolved within the unconscious mind while continuing to perpetuate thoughts, feelings, and belief systems that influence us from beyond our awareness. This is the root cause of our “unexplained” emotional triggers, life patterns, and physical health symptoms.

One simple example would be someone who went through difficult experiences as a child and their “tough” side came to the forefront while their “tender” side retreated into the unconscious. They may identify as a tough, resilient person, but have trouble connecting with their tender emotions or forming intimate relationships. That tender part of them still exists in their unconscious, and is longing to be reunited with its more resilient counterpart.

What can I expect?

In our work together, we’ll use our intuition; our ability to see, hear, sense, and feel beyond the physical world, and connect with the images, sounds, feelings, and body sensations that are rising up from the unconscious in an attempt to communicate with us. We’ll follow these messages down into the unconscious to carefully contact and communicate with the vulnerable aspects within the unconscious that are in need of witnessing, understanding, love, and healing.

In partnership with Divine Guidance, we’ll learn all we can about the unmet needs of these aspects and how to meet those needs using the infinite resources available to us from the Divine (God, Nature, Allah, Source… whatever language resonates and has meaning for you). This process provides resolution for traumatic events and restores these fragmented aspects of the personality to a state of wholeness.

Once integration has taken place, there is a process of unfolding where the resources contained within the previously fragmented aspects of the psyche naturally begin to resurface and express themselves in your daily life. While everyone’s experience of integration is different, clients commonly report a greater feeling of wholeness, relief from triggers and emotional activation, and a sense of being more of who they were meant to be.

Because these shifts are happening deep within the unconscious, the expressions of these qualities become available in their own time. Some are noticeable very quickly and others take more time to unfold. As we work together over time, and more fragmented aspects are returned to the whole, you’ll experience more and more access to the fullness of who you are and the freedom to express yourself with greater ease and authenticity.

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