Equine Facilitated Learning


“HorsePlay for the Human Soul”

Our horses have been catalysts for a level of transformation we could never have accessed alone. They are our partners on this journey back to ourselves and the inspiration for a new way of understanding consciousness and the human psyche.

Horses are conscious beings; connected to the unseen world of energy and awareness. They are masters of non-verbal and energetic communication and they exist only in the moment. This makes them trustworthy, non-judgmental, and emotionally safe learning partners in this work .

There is no teacher more transformative than experience, and interacting with a horse provides a profoundly deep “here and now” experience of ourselves and our relationships. In this quiet container we can open ourselves to the call of the soul as it speaks to us through moments of connection and insight.

I have come to see horses, like the Tarot, as a bridge between the seen and unseen realms. This is where we remember the truth of who we are by encountering ourselves in unexpected ways. They invite us to see with more than just our eyes, to listen with more than just our ears, and to feel and sense the unconscious currents deep within ourselves that go unseen as we go about our busy lives.

Horses are mirrors that reflect back to us our deepest needs and desires, allowing us to witness, understand, and tend to the parts of us that are lost or hurting. They naturally call us forth into a state of being that allow us to discover and find space for who we really are, restore the lost connections with ourselves and others, and reclaim the truest path of the soul.

We offer Equine Facilitated Learning sessions at our farm in Deming, Washington. This work is currently seasonal. Please reach out to us for details, availability, and group rates.

  • 90 minute session $275
  • Half day (3 hours) $500