Here we’ll give you an outline of our rates, support packages, and payment options.

Our Discernment Process is FREE of charge. See our Discernment page for more information.

The Intuitive Integration process is a 4 session series which includes access to our Skills Library.

  1. Orientation
  2. Integration
  3. Debrief
  4. Post-Integration Support session with Mark
  5. Access to our Post-Integration Skills Library

The total cost of the 4 session series and access to the Skills Library is $2300* and must be paid in full before the Integration process begins.

* If you’re experiencing financial hardship, and you believe you could benefit from our work, please reach out to us. Our discernment process includes dialog about any financial needs or limitations you may have. Please don’t let this be a barrier to your process.

Post Integration Support – 3 options:

1. Individual Support Packages (recommended):

  • Package #1 – Two 90min support calls a month for 3 months – 3 payments of $390 per month*
  • Package #2 – Four 90min support calls a month for 3 months – 3 payments of $780 per month*

*Group support is included with all packages ($80 per month value) for the duration of the three month package. 

When your three month package is complete, you’re free to start another 3 month package, participate in group support calls, and/or schedule individual sessions as needed – $195 per 90min session.

2. Group Support

Weekly group support video calls – $80 per month

Group support is included in any support coaching package. When the package is complete, you may continue group support at the regular rate.

3. Individual Support Sessions scheduled “as needed” – $195 per session

Total investment per support package:

Integration series without support = $2300

Integration series + 3 months group support = $2540

Integration series + 3 month support package #1 = $3470

Integration series + 3 month support package #2 = $4640

We accept cash, check, or online payments through PayPal or Square (fees apply).