Unconscious Resistance

Unconscious Resistance

Unconscious Resistance is a collection of self-preservation strategies or “Solution Patterns,” within the unconscious system of the psyche, that are designed to protect you from harm. In addition to fragmentation there are three other common Solution Patterns that may cause Unconscious Resistance: ancestral interference, belief constructs, and soul loss.

Ancestral Interference

The energetic inheritance from our ancestral line affects us all the time. We are part of this ancestral stream of consciousness that participated in the creation of our being. Like anything in the universe, our ancestral line has a light side and a shadow side. We’re all aware of some of the qualities, characteristics, and gifts that we would consider positive that were passed down to us through our family line. When we think about the things we have in common with our ancestors or objects that were passed down with love, we may feel a sense of fulfillment and belonging. 

The shadow side of our ancestral line often contains the material that was hidden, unconscious, or secret. These are patterns of feeling, thought, or behavior that were passed down, impacting generations of family members in ways that they didn’t have the awareness or resources to resolve. These unconscious dynamics are now active in our lives and may still be impacting us greatly beyond our awareness. 

Ancestral Interference has two aspects. The first is the energies that have been passed through the ancestral line, moving through each generation without resolution. I think of ancestral energy as a bit like homeopathic medicine; whereby a substance increases in potency each time it’s diluted. With each generation that is unable to resolve them, the patterns intensify until they reach someone who is equipped with the awareness, resources, and capacity to address them.

The second is the dynamics within our own psyche that make us a vibrational match to those ancestral energies to begin with. Any number of experiences from our past can cause Solution Patterns that make us a vibrational match to these energies. In some situations, there is even an unconscious agreement or contract between the person and their ancestors that they will act out and pass on these energies and patterns. 

Intuitive Integration is intended to resolve the Unconscious Resistance by addressing both the Solution Patterns in the psyche and the contractual relationship that may exist between a client and their ancestral line.

Belief Constructs

Our beliefs are the mental fabric from which we weave our reality. When you ask someone about their belief systems, it’s like asking the fish to describe the water they swim in. We take most of our reality for granted and most of that reality was formed before we were aware enough to consciously influence it.

There are some beliefs that are malleable, meaning they can be adjusted in any given moment by learning new information. These beliefs don’t affect us very much, day to day, and we aren’t attached to them. We don’t feel threatened if they’re challenged by others and if they’re proven to be inaccurate or incomplete, we easily adjust to a new perspective when it’s revealed to us. These are the beliefs that respond to things like affirmations or mantras or other practices intended to influence the way we use our thoughts to manifest our reality. 

There are other beliefs that resist this natural process of evolution. These beliefs are unconscious and so practiced and so inextricably connected to the way we understand ourselves that we can barely distinguish them from our identity. These are the beliefs we grew up with, and that were formed and conditioned within our psyche in our early years. They tell us who we are and who we aren’t, how the world works, how relationships operate, and what is and is not possible in our lives. These beliefs are so unconsciously ingrained that I began to call them “Belief Constructs.”

The dictionary defines a construct as “an idea or theory containing various conceptual elements, typically one considered to be subjective and not based on empirical evidence.” This is consistent with my experience with these types of beliefs. It doesn’t matter how much evidence is presented to the contrary, a Belief Construct has a life of it’s own, it’s ancient and unyielding, sometimes passed down through the generations or initially formed during a distressing event in our lives such as a loss or abandonment. In these situations, aspects of the psyche are grasping for predictability. They want to know when the other shoe is going to drop. They will do whatever it takes to create, even the illusion of, security by allowing us to be absolutely sure of what to expect… even if that expectation isn’t consistent with the reality of the current circumstances… even if it’s causing us distress or perpetuating a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

These types of beliefs have so shaped a person’s reality that they have been reinforced countless times by their life experiences. For example, if someone experienced an abandonment early in life and believes they are unworthy of love, they become magnetized to experiences that reinforce that belief. Which came first, the belief or the evidence to support it? Either way, it becomes a positive feedback loop that continues to escalate over time.

Intuitive Integration is intended to work with and resolve the unconscious Belief Constructs that may be causing Unconscious Resistance in the psyche. 

Soul Loss

In shamanism, it is believed that a part of our essential life-force can split off and become lost in an alternate reality. This can happen in response to shock, a stressful event, or any life circumstance in which the person becomes distressed without the ability to find resolution. 

It’s easy to imagine why soul loss could cause Unconscious Resistance in the psyche. When a part of the soul is missing it’s hard to experience the fullness of life, to bring “all of yourself” to an experience, or feel the joy and fulfillment one would have the capacity to feel if they were whole. Clients have reported feeling dissociated, like not all of them is present or available, a general feeling of disconnection or uneasiness or, quite literally, as though a piece of them is missing.  

In my experience, soul loss is a loving strategy intended to protect the vulnerable soul from harm. The soul is sacred. It’s the stream of consciousness that makes you uniquely yourself. It’s an exquisite constellation of qualities that express the beauty and power of your Divine existence. 

In order to protect itself from a difficult experience or spare it the shame and humiliation of the aftermath of an event, a piece of the soul splits off and escapes or is expelled to a parallel or “non-ordinary” reality. There it waits, sometimes for decades, for the opportunity to have it’s needs met and return home. In order to retrieve it, the practitioner must “travel,” navigating the non-physical realm, to the place where the piece of the soul resides. Once there, they must communicate with it with the intent to reach an understanding and meet its needs before negotiating its safe return. 

Intuitive Integration may include a Soul Retrieval which is intended to resolve Unconscious Resistance and return the soul to a state of wholeness.