The art of following

I remember thinking about my life as a laundry list of things I wished were different and how sad I felt that the life I was allowed to live didn’t come close to the one I was truly craving.

As it turned out, I wasn’t who I thought I was, and the life I was craving was exactly the one I was built for. My intuition was right all along, but I was convinced something that felt so right had to be wrong. In our culture we are taught to struggle and that a life of struggle is somehow praiseworthy.

I am learning that, even amidst the struggle, the call of the soul is wise and unrelenting, and resisting it is the cause of our suffering. Your intuition knows your path and will steer you straight and true if you allow it. Therefore, it’s up to each of us to learn the art of following.

~ Ginger

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