More than a feeling

More than a feeling image cropEmotions are, by definition, energy in motion. When we encounter people, environments, experiences, and even our own thoughts and memories they evoke emotions which rise in waves of energy within our bodies, run their course, and then pass away. Pure emotions feel like ocean waves washing through us and, when they pass, we feel relief.

Emotions that behave differently are a sign of a deeper dynamic within the psyche that’s continually producing the same emotional experience and keeping your emotions from running their natural course. Your emotions will feel stagnant, unproductive, stuck, and like a broken record skipping over and over. There’s no relief until the origin of the dynamic is resolved.

Unpleasant emotions can be uncomfortable and it’s natural to want to avoid them. Try observing an uncomfortable emotion to discover whether or not it’s running its natural course. If not, you may ask yourself if you’re ready to examine it more deeply. Your intuition will guide you to exactly what you need in order to allow the origin of the emotion to be resolved.

~ Ginger

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