Faith in what we can’t see

driveway cropLife is a series of transitions. We walk down the street without realizing that every step we take contains a moment of uncertainty; where we allow ourselves to fall with faith that the ground will be there when we arrive. We have faith because we’ve learned to trust, over time and through repetition, that our trust is well placed in the earth beneath our feet.

Facing larger transitions, the unpracticed, unexpected ones require a greater sense of faith and trust. We must trust in ourselves, our intuition, and in a greater force that is guiding us through uncharted territory. This takes courage, especially when our trust in ourselves, in the world, and in our divine guidance, has been broken in the past.

To take the next step, we must shift our focus from one of self protection, to one of forgiveness and curiosity. It is this resilience that we must practice regularly and with great intention; stepping into each new transition with a deliberate desire to carefully develop our faith in what we can’t see.

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